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The Parish Family

Please keep praying for: Natalie AH-Mane, Marie Aldworth, Mary Bracken, Christopher Browne, Rosie Brand, Mary Buckley, Myra & Lionel Buisson, Lea Cardy, Norman Cooper, Jonathan Costello, Kathleen Clewlow, Theresa Coverdale, Crystine Cyril, Teresa Davies, Tina Franks, Janetta Gibson, Michael Lynch, Aileen McBride, Lee Mitcham, Jose Morgan, Jim Moir, Amanda Newall, Jean Poore, Fabiano Quenten, Joan Mary Radforth, Jane Sebb, Irene Smeaton, Christopher Stephenson, Ken Walker, DrM. Walsh, Phyllis Wright and all sick and housebound.

“Loving God, your Son accepted our sufferings to teach us the virtue of patience in human illness. May all who suffer pain, illness, disease, and the frailty of old age realise that they have been chosen to be saints and know that they are joined to Christ in his suffering for the salvation of the world. Being restored to health, they may render thanks to you in your Church. Amen. “


Please remember in your prayers those who have recently died and all those who mourn:

Jessie Mascarenhas, Judith Holman,

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


Following a recent theft at the 11.00am Mass please DO NOT leave your belongings unattended.

Church in the Market Place is open on Monday 21st October from 9 am till 3 pm. (Yes- a week later than the usual 2nd Monday of the month.) Do come and say hello if you are passing. Great for meeting other Christians in St Ives - all lovely people!

Parish Breakfast

You all are invited to the Parish Breakfast on 27th October 2019 after 8am mass for either a cooked breakfast, toast and jam or a limited selection of cereals.  Please write your name and number of your party on the list which will be in the porch so we know how many to cater for. Donations are kindly requested to cover cost. Looking forward to seeing you.

Autumn club

On Wednesday 30th October at 1.45pm for starting at 2pm please meet in our church hall for a surprise item followed by tea and cakes. All senior citizens welcome.

Catholic Teaching

Do you know the answers to:

Why should I go to Mass on Sunday?

Who can receive Holy Communion?

Why Catholics do not eat meat on Friday?

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary.

Leaflets available at back of church to answer these questions are free.


If you wish to have your child baptised please contact the parish office to make an appointment to meet with the parish priest, Fr Thomas Walton, as soon as possible after the birth of your child.

After this initial appointment you will be required to attend a short course.

Sunday 27th October is the 52nd anniversary of the Abortion Act being passed. Since 1967 over nine million babies have lost their lives to abortion. Millions of women and men have also had to deal with the suffering which so often follows an abortion. Please join us in praying for the end of abortion in this country on Saturday 26th October.

For Post Abortion help and to support Pro-Life counselling see;


“Bible Alive”

“Bible Alive” has daily reflections on the readings that are used during Masses on the days of that month eg in June there are 30 reflections and in July, 31 reflections. There are special editions for Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter. For only £2.50 per month you can take part in the Liturgy of the Word for all Masses even though you cannot physically attend Mass. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow in your knowledge of the Bible.

Wednesday Word Reflections Sheets

Do not forget to take & look at the meditation for coming Sunday in the form of the sheet with the Sunday Readings and reflections which are suggested to be used on Wednesday before Sunday. Take one with you or download it from the website:

Special Publications available NOW !!! :

Prayers Before the Blessed Sacrament  - price £4.99

The Rosaries      - price £3.00

Bible alive      - price £2.50

My Day by Day - November 2019  - price £2.50

Parishioners who wish to book a Mass Intention for 2020 are asked to come to the sacristy after Mass and speak with Fr Thomas. You will be asked to write the intention in the Mass Book. A box for the stipends will be placed next to the book.

This procedure will be available later this year when notification of the new system will appear in the newsletter when you can begin to record Mass intentions for 2020.

Mass intentions will no longer be accepted by phone or email unless it is an emergency.

There will be a Second Collection for Missio

(The Association for the Propagation of the Faith)

taken this weekend.

Thank you for your

generous collection

last week:



Parish Newsletter

The Parish Family

Please keep praying for: Natalie AH-Mane, Marie Aldworth, Christopher Browne, Mary Buckley, Myra & Lionel Buisson, Lea Cardy, Kathleen Clewlow, Theresa Coverdale, Jane Sebb, Eddie Francis, Tina Franks, Jessie Mascarenhas, Aileen McBride, Jim Moir, Amanda Newall , Peter Newton, Jean Poore, Fabiano Quenten, Joan Mary Radforth, Irene Smeaton, Philip Spencer and Family, Christopher Stephenson, Ken Walker, Dr John M. Walsh, Phyllis Wright and all sick and housebound.


Congratulations to:

Dawid Barka                                  Dominiq ue Lavaro

Julia Barka                                     Andr ew Pater

Joseph Carrick                               Mark Pater

Ella De’ath                                     Anton io Price

Ann Morgan Eidt                            Bartosz Wydmuch

Madalena Eidt                                 Natalia Wydmuch

     Alfred Heylen
who were Confirmed by bishop Alan Hope on 10th April 2018 in our parish.

St Georges Day Lunch

This year our very popular St Georges Day Lunch will be at 12.30 on 19th April when we will be serving roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings, choice of pudding and soft drink. £4.50. Proceeds to Crohn’s and Colitis charity. A list is in the porch for names and you are welcome to bring your friends.

Autumn Club

The monthly autumn club meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th April when there will be a display and talk on a very interesting Thimble Collection followed by tea and cakes in our parish hall.

Baptismal Preparation Course

The next session for parents who wish to have their child baptised in the Roman Catholic Church will be on 27th May at 4.00 pm in Presbytery.


Applications are requested for the position Sacred Heart Parish Treasurer.

The Treasurer will be a functional leader with the ability to bring about financial independence and integrity over Parish Church Funds. A good knowledge of Bookkeeping / Accounting will be required. The Treasurer will not be required to personally handle cash.

The position will require a commitment of one half day per week throughout the year, with additional time required during the month of February to prepare the Year End Accounts and Diocese Annual Return.

Aboud Generator Appeal Update

Following our appeal for donations to help provide a new generator for our twin village of Aboud in the Holy Land, may I thank you for your generosity. We already had £6000 from standing order donations and with your contributions we now have £7498.88 towards our target of £9050. I have spoken to Fr Simon (the parish priest in Aboud) and he is extremely grateful for all we are trying to do to help them. There is still an opportunity to contribute to this very worthwhile cause. Please make your donation, big or small, by giving it to Fr Karol, Elizabeth Barker or by handing it in to the parish office. If you are a UK tax payer then please provide your name and address, or e mail address, so that we can send you a Gift Aid Form and further benefit from your donation.

Gift Aid Envelopes:


Standing Orders